July 2019

Esports Market Structure

We are launching a new open-ended sector specific private equity fund that will invest in the SportTech opportunities globally. Esports sector as a part of our investment interest is rapidly gaining ground. We have decided to share the vision of how this market operates and how it performs in relations to other SportTech industries.
iTech Capital is launching a new open-ended sector-specific private equity fund under its tech-oriented umbrella. We will invest in the SportTech opportunities globally looking for a broad set of projects around this buzzing and fast-changing sector. Given the speed of changes and emerge of a new niche we will cover them periodically in our reviews. Esports sector is rapidly gaining ground; therefore, we could not leave it ignored.
There is a great number of sources covering the Esports industry today. Lots of information available in terms of quantitative analysis that includes data on market size, audiences, and their dynamics. However, there is not that much on the relations between Esports and Gaming. Moreover, the information on internal processes is lacking.
We have decided to analyze both quantitative and qualitative aspects of the market and results of our analysis will reveal how this market operates and how it performs in relations to other SportTech industries, as well as it might show emerging trends. Topics, such as Esports-team economy, Education and Analytics in Esports are also briefly covered, but there is always space for a deeper analysis.

Check out the full market review below.
We hope that this material will give you an overview of the Esports industry and will be helpful to those readers who are not well acquainted with this topic.

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