June 2021

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2021

Forbes Russia & Tinkoff Investments businness conference
Gleb Davidyuk took part in the panel discussion about the new generation of investors, private equity, and technology powered by Forbes Russia and Tinkoff Investments.

In 2020, Tinkoff investments analysts conducted in-depth interviews with 50 clients who have $1 million or more in their accounts. It turned out that today's millionaires, are young people working in IT companies, new businesses and media, and that there is a demand among them for self-study on the principles of investing. Investing $100,000-150,000 at the start, clients want to understand how it works so they can then be confident enough to manage their multi-million dollar fortune.
In May 2021, a larger study was conducted on the emerging premium audience cluster, a fundamentally new approach to capital management, modern investment instruments and out-of-the-box innovative ideas.

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