December 2021

National Venture Investor Awards 2021

Best Exit of the Year: ECWID
07.12.2021 Moscow

As a part of the Nobel Vision. Open Innovations 2.0 forum, a Gala Awarding Ceremony for the National Venture Investor Awards took place. "Best Exit" is one of the most important nominations of the Prize: it shows the path an investor has taken with a company. iTech Capital and Runa Capital funds have been announced as winners in this nomination for their exit from Ecwid.

The fund closed the deal of selling Ecwid to Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and PeakSpan Capital in May 2020. It was the 5th successful exit of the fund. Over the last decade, Ecwid has steadily built an expanding set of tools and signed up more than 1.5 million small businesses in more than 175 countries and supporting 54 languages.

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