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Early Stage /
Growth Capital Fund
Series A and Beyond
Evergreen Structure
Global Sports Opportunities Fund launched in 2019, in close cooperation with leading professional athletes. It combines the proven private equity and venture capital investment acumen of the iTech Capital management team with the deep sports industry expertise of our anchor investors. The Fund concentrates on innovative technology startups that aim to shape the future of the sports sector. It has also developed a strong investment ecosystem, promoting connections and feedback between prominent sportspeople and sportstech innovators.
Gleb Davidyuk
Gleb Davidyuk is a Founder and Managing Partner at iTech Capital, and a Board Member of 10+ technology companies. He has almost 25 years' private equity experience, managing both Western and Russian funds.
Egor Kovalenko
Egor Kovalenko is the Founder and Senior Partner of Amulex, Russia's largest remote-working law service. A Certified Attorney, he has over 10 years of management experience with significant expertise in sports law and deal support.
Alexey Berezutsky and Vasily Berezutsky
The Berezutsky brothers are professional footballers who have appeared at the highest national and European levels. Both Vasily and Alexei have played defence for CSKA Moscow, have been repeatedly capped in the Russian Cup and Russian Super Cup, and are 2008 UEFA bronze medallists.
Leonid Slutsky
Leonid Slutsky is an internationally respected professional football coach and former player, and the winner of multiple titles and honours. During his career he has managed several high profile teams: these include CSKA Moscow from 2009-2016, while he also managed the Russian National Football Team from 2015-2016. In August 2019 he was appointed manager of the Dutch Eredivisie team Vitesse Arnhem.
Key People and Advisers
Timely Opportunity
Sportstech has been lagging behind other tech verticals and, we believe, is ripe for massive growth in coming years. The Fund draws on the expertise and connections of leading sports professionals, and gives them an investing ecosystem that works to the benefit of the companies and all investors. This could be an excellent opportunity for investors who are looking for a sector with exceptional near-future potential.
Innovative companies in the SportsTech sector.
We invest globally, wherever the best candidate companies can be found.
We seek to identify companies which can demonstrate scope for substantial growth, have ambitions to expand operations globally.
The Fund seeks out companies led by serial entrepreneurs, who in addition have established strong management teams, and can demonstrate a proven track record.
The Fund seeks to generate sustainable revenue streams denominated in hard currencies (such as US$ and Euro).
Business Model
Company Management
Revenue Target
Fund Strategy
Investment Round
Round A and beyond
Investment Ticket
We may invest from US$ 500k to US$ 10mn
Net Revenue Criteria
US$ 1mn over last 12 months
Investment focus
& Organisation
● Wearables & equipment
● Activity data & analytics
● Preparation
● Teams & clubs
● Venues, events & leagues
● Marketplaces & discovery
Activity & Performance
● News & content
● Media data & analytics
● Fan engagement & social platforms
Media & Fans
● E-sports & fantasy sports
● Betting
Games & Betting
If you think your company would be
a fit for our investment portfolio, please give us some outline details.
Investors can reach out to any
athlete affiliated with the fund by a phone - close interaction on investment decisions
Access to Elite Athletes
Investors can gain access to private and sold-out events, memorabilia, and a highly exclusive social network.
Exclusive Privileges and Opportunities
Investors gain access to affiliated executives who provide regular updates on the market and exclusive business opportunities.
Access to Leading Executives
Experts within the Sector
The presence and feedback of athlete investors in the Fund ecosystem provides an extra and invaluable knowledge resource for all investors.
Advantages for General Investors
Additional Advantages for Athlete Investors
For more details about the fund's performance and the investment opportunities we offer:
Specialist Wealth Management Expertise
In addition to our sector expertise, we can develop bespoke strategies and investment opportunities. These can greatly help athletes in making well-informed decisions with a view to protecting and growing the wealth accumulated over their careers.
A Uniquely Relevant Investment
Athletes are often overlooked by direct investment vehicles - bankers may simply spread the money across passive stock investments. Global Sports Opportunities Fund allows athletes to invest in the sector they know best, and were they can have a close interaction with the investment managers.
Pooled Specialist Knowledge
The Fund can coordinate knowledge from all investors, and establish a deal flow of relevant and very timely opportunities.
Career and Expertise-Relevant Fund
Athletes have deep expertise in sports and the newest sports technology, but this is often overlooked by advisors and general investment managers. We can take their knowledge into account, and feed it back into investment decisions.